Water Extraction

Water extraction is the process of removing the majority of the water from your home or office. Extraction helps speed the drying time needed and prevents any additional damage (mold, etc.).  

At U.S.A. Water Damage, we can extract hundreds or thousands or gallons of water in a quick, efficient, and effective way, and we’re experienced in doing so.

The process for water extraction requires:

  1. Removing excess water with pumps
  2. Using submersible pumps and wet/dry vacuums
  3. Inspection of moisture affected areas
  4. Full extraction of additional affected areas

Our team is fully qualified and will begin the extraction process quicker than most competitors. Since each emergency situation is different, our team will first assess the damage, then act quickly to extract.

To learn more, call us to setup an inspection.

USA Water Damage is your trusted partner for water damage restoration in Saint Paul, MN. Our expert services cover residential, commercial, high-rise buildings, and warehouses, providing thorough water extraction to prevent mold and further damage. With years of experience, we use advanced equipment like pumps and vacuums for efficient removal of excess water. Whether it's basement water damage or burst pipe repairs, our skilled team ensures a comprehensive restoration process. Contact us at 612-968-8317 for prompt and effective water damage solutions.

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